In Training
During last 6 months, Martín Sabattini from DESIGNOpatagonia has been working on a design training programme for local carpenters.
This job was commissioned by the CIEFAP (Centre of Research and Spreading of Forest Resources of Andean Patagonia) and CFI (Federal Investment Council). The plan was to develop innovative wood products and that each carpenter finalise constructing a prototype which participated in an exhibition and award event in Esquel, Chubut (Patagonia – Argentina).
Results were really positive, each carpentry expressing their own identity in each product, and finding ways of getting advantage of local sustainable wood resources. The idea from the beginning was to design with the carpenter an not for him, this become a good policy in order to increase their commitment.
As you can see on pictures all products are innovative in their own way and commercially viable. You can see more in our Flickr.