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January 2020 was intense for our studio. We were commissioned to make a device with which girls and boys from Neuquén Province could imagine and design their own city.

In a work side by side with the studio  “Integrar Diseño” we developed this product that proposes a wide variety of inputs that allow many creative possibilities and, above all, brings interesting pedagogical resources.

The kit contains topographic elements, such as mountains, plateaus, volcanoes, rivers and lakes. Production means such as fields, livestock, factories and greenhouses. Alternative and traditional energies. Urban infrastructure such as streets, houses and buildings, signage. Urban mobility with all types of vehicles, trains and airplanes. It includes people, animals, and trees. Wood is the protagonist but other materials were added to give richness and variety. It also has displays with environmental problems to be incorporated into the different educational dynamics.

The set was designed to be transportable, without taking up much space, and easy to assemble: there are two drawers that work as a base and two attachable table tops. Armed measures: 1.2m x 2m at 65cm from the floor so that all children can play comfortably.