In Clients, Design Services

This is a recent work of design services for which “Patagonia Fungi” called us. This great venture, put together by people from @CIEFAP, seeks to spread knowledge about the edible wild mushrooms of Patagonia.

The objective was to develop a set of tools for mushroom harvesting but which, in addition to the design, would include the suppliers “turnkey” in such a way that the production phase was resolved.

That is why we have worked from the beginning with two admirable companies: @mullercuchilleria and @gastronomic

After an iterative research and design work, we stopped at the traditional knowledge of the cultures that have been most perfected on the issue of harvesting and consuming “mushrooms”. The hook knife and the wicker basket are essential, and at the same time super-sustainable.

We are happy and grateful! They are those processes that we value so much: of intense learning, of collaborative work, of potential regional promotion and economic diversification, basically real sustainable development. And above all, this meant full of discoveries in terms of flavors and colors and shapes from the wonderful fungi kingdom.

The project was made possible by the support of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the support of the International Center for Knowledge Design “Tomás Maldonado”.